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Deep Dive Study Series

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Gulf Coast Deep Dive

EAI, Inc.’s Gulf Coast Crude Deep Dive study provides a detailed analysis of and outlook for eight Gulf Coast refining hubs, inter-hub logistics, crude production outlooks and integrates this GC Deep Dive with its overall North American outlook. As part of this study, EAI details both offshore and onshore production outlooks by crude grade with at least 10 years of historical production and a 10-year forecast horizon covering major Gulf Coast fields and basins.

Detailed supply projections depict all key crude streams including LLS, HLS, WTI, WTS, Eagle Ford Crude, Eagle Ford Condensate, offshore medium sour, offshore light sour and other Gulf Coast streams. Refinery expansion projects and current crude slates detailed across all 48 refineries.

Gulf Coast interaction with global and other domestic regions is detailed in regard to crude flows, logistical capabilities and pricing as well as detailed analysis of intra-gulf coast crude logistics, flows, and new project impacts. As is the case with all EAI, Inc. Crude studies, the crude market outlook is driven with EAI, Inc.’s latest outlook for downstream markets and, for this study, the Gulf Coast downstream business outlook.

Structural & Supply, Logistics and Flow Outlook

EAI, Inc. draws on key components from its Gulf Coast Crude Supply, Logistics and Refining Deep Dive study as well as its North American Crude Supply, Logistics , Refining and Pricing Outlook study. This Gulf Coast Deep Dive perspective provides a perspective and another level of insights that is complementary to the North American Crude – Gulf Coast study section.

Integrated/Detailed Gulf Coast Crude Outlook

Integrated analysis of and outlook for the Gulf Coast given the Gulf Coast Deep Dive outlooks and integration with the bigger picture analysis supported by the North American Crude and North American Shale Fairway Crude studies. Crude balances and crude flows at the Sub-Gulf Coast region are provided that depict Gulf Coast production, movements into the region from other domestic regions, crude hub crude demands, crude exports to other U.S. regions and port activity (likely domestic and foreign. EAI, Inc. has also detailed GOM of Mexico crude production and movements by pipeline and on-shore receipt point.

Refining Analysis and Crude Slates by Plant and Hub

As part of EAI, Inc.’s North American Crude study, EAI, Inc. provides a detailed profile of all Gulf Coast refineries including processing capability, crude slates, input/output profiles and known refinery modifications plans. EAI, Inc. draws on these inputs to support crude supply-demand outlooks by crude hub and Gulf Coast sub-region as part of the Gulf Coast Deep Dive study.

Crude Production and Supply Outlook

EAI, Inc. provides additional information supporting its production forecasts and uses the detailed information included in these forecasts to support its assessment of sub-regional crude balances and crude flows for the Gulf Coast.

Pipeline Asset Changes and New Projects

EAI, Inc. provides a more detailed assessment of the existing transportation network and new projects that are-shaping the Gulf Coast crude network and interactions with surrounding regions. Detailed maps and transportation routes are provided to support this analysis.

Port and Marine Facility Coverage

Marine and railroad projects that will impact Gulf Coast crude distribution and market access are defined with descriptions of each. EAI, Inc. provides insights into future port and RR movements from Gulf Coast perspective integrated with external areas.

..and More Regions Available

With EAI, Inc.'s unique bottom-up approach to product development virtually all regions covered in our broader scoped products are covered at the same level of detail as the Gulf Coast Deep Dive. Areas such as the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Bakken, and Western Canada are also made available as standalone Deep Dive packages providing additional depth and detail at the asset level. Contact us for more information about the Deep Dive studies we are currently offering and how we may help you company examine other potential regions, commodities, business segments, or specific assets of interest.

Custom Consulting and Value-Added Services

EAI, Inc. has a evolved a truly unique and integrated approach and supporting process to bridge EAI, Inc.’s in-depth information and leading edge analytics to client specific needs. These capabilities have bee applied to a number of client specific initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Opportunity crude supply and pricing outlooks for specific refineries to support feedstock planning and purchasing
  • Pipeline investment support projects including new build projects, pipeline expansions/service shifts and acquisitions and divestitures
  • North American logistics strategies and implementation support for crude transport including pipeline, rail, marine and multi-modal
  • Crude marketing and pricing outlooks for specific crude basins and crude grades helping producers create value for their resources
  • Pipeline quality bank evaluations and tracking

EAI, Inc. draws on its integrated information base, analytics and forecasts spanning resources, transportation, manufacturing, markets, economics and regulations and to support these client specific engagements. EAI, Inc. provides the same compliment of studies and consulting services covering the downstream side of the business, manufacturing and petroleum markets (Enquire for more information about our Downstream Product and Service Capabilities)