Gulf Coast (U.S.)

The U.S. Gulf Coast market consists of 47 refineries and eight key refinery hubs examined by EAI, Inc.   EAI covers the timing and impact of the light and medium crude market wall in the Gulf Coast relative to the ability to grow its gasoline market, displaceable foreign crude stream potential, and likely light-medium crude import floors.  The east-west Gulf Coast interaction to clear the Western Gulf Coast surge of Cushing surplus is covered in detail as part of EAI, Inc.’s study assessments.  The shift schedule for Permian Basin and Eagle Ford crude to the Gulf Coast market centers is analyzed in context of competing streams, logistical capabilities and refinery needs.

Some of the features included in EAI, Inc.’s coverage of the Gulf Coast region include:

Structural & Supply, Logistics and Flow Outlook

EAI, Inc. draws on key components from its Gulf Coast Crude Supply, Logistics and Refining Deep Dive study which provides another level of information and analytical insights for the inter-workings in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.  This review and update work  addresses:

Integrated/Detailed Gulf Coast Crude Outlook

Integrated analysis of and outlook for the Gulf Coast given the Gulf Coast Deep Dive outlooks and integration with the bigger picture analysis supported by the North American Crude and North American Shale Fairway Crude studies

Refining Analysis and Crude Slates by Plant and Hub

EAI, Inc. provides a detailed profile of all Gulf Coast refineries including processing capability, crude slates, input/output profiles and known refinery modifications plans.  This information is also provided in data base/xlsx format.  EAI, Inc. draws on these inputs to support crude supply-demand outlooks by crude hub and Gulf Coast sub-region.

Crude Production and Supply Outlook

(from the North American Shale and North American Crude studies)

In depth assessment of total crude production and supply available to the Gulf Coast including the northern sourced crude mentioned previously, inland Gulf Coast crude production and an update of the outlook for Gulf of Mexico production by grade.

Pipeline Asset Changes and New Projects

Detailed assessment of the existing transportation network and new projects that are-shaping the Gulf Coast crude network and interactions with surrounding regions.  Detailed maps and transportation routes are provided to support this analysis.

Port and Marine Facilities

Marine and railroad projects that will impact Gulf Coast crude distribution and market access are defined with descriptions of each.

Terminal Distribution/Storage/Blending Hubs – existing and new facilities that service existing and future crude storage and distribution needs in the Gulf Coast.