Building Blocks

Study Components and Building Blocks to Support On-Going Industry Studies, Client Specific Consulting Engagements and Value Added Information Resources

Industry Studies

EAI, Inc. integrated resource based studies are built from the bottom-up, but with recognition of top down business drivers. This provides a framework for the most comprehensive industry topic and geographically specific studies as well as very targeted client specific studies. All of these products and services are built on the best functional components as further described below:

Resource Basin Analysis and Forecasts

EAI, Inc. tracks, analyses and forecasts basin production performance examining basic specific geology, well performance, drilling activity, economics and specific company plans. This includes all North American resources as well as global resources. The analysis is conducted at the sub-basin level to develop production/supply forecasts by major crude hub and by major crude quality grade. EAI, Inc. has applied its production modeling to natural gas, condensate and NGL resources as well. All crude production basins are connected to receipt point hubs that EAI, Inc. uses to link all crude streams to transportation routes and downstream markets (see logistics below).

Resource Logistics/Transportation

EAI, Inc. tracks and analyzes global and regional crude flows, specific transportation systems, and the supply-market dynamics driving these flows. EAI, Inc. has conducted asset valuation studies, new project feasibility studies, opportunity assessments, and tariff/transportation rate assessments drawing on its in-depth information resources and knowledgebase. EAI, Inc. has an extensive data base of transportation routes, costs, asset owners and capacities with linkage to production areas, crude distribution hubs and refineries. This includes a North American tariff data base for crude, condensate and NGL’s in addition to refined products.


EAI, Inc. tracks and analyzes refinery operations from the plant level up across all of North America including crude slates, refinery processing capabilities, production slates and integration with both upstream resources and downstream market. EAI, Inc. has been expanding this process globally with recent analysis of both Latin American and Atlantic Basin refining. EAI, Inc. draws on this knowledgebase and associated modeling capabilities to assist refiners in developing optimal crude strategies, and to help producers target specific refinery markets/opportunities. EAI, Inc. has a refinery data base defining capacities, process capabilities, crude slates and market links to supporting refinery modeling as part of a realistic supply-market network rather than in isolation (product rack back or crude tanks forward).

Resource Pricing and Supply Economics

EAI, Inc. employs its supply-demand fundamentals and network analysis to address absolute crude pricing and outlooks as well as crude grade and regional pricing differentials. This has been applied to assist companies in evaluating wellhead pricing expectations in the case of new field developments taking into account refinery market values, competing crudes and transportation options/costs in addition to more global supply-demand fundamentals.